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New Forest Football Academy

Our Academy training centres run in partnership with your child’s current weekend grassroots youth football club commitments, to maximise player development. The Coaching team work to our progressive and periodised coaching methodology, in line with the AFC Bournemouth Academy syllabus and the FA’s 4 corner long-term development plan for youth footballers.

We are very proud to be the official Academy partner to Premier League AFC Bournemouth and over the past four seasons, more than 40 of our players have progressed into the AFC Bournemouth Academy, Shadow squads and ID Centres, along with other professional Academies. When we feel that our Academy players are ready for the next steps in football, we liaise with the AFC Bournemouth Head of Player Recruitment and lead Academy phase coaches regarding trial periods for these specific players.

To ensure the most effective communication with all of our parents, we offer our termly player review meetings, to evaluate each player’s progress throughout the year and work with them to set specific targets and long term goals.

We run a very busy Academy fixtures programme, which takes place on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, depending on your child’s age group. Regular Academy fixtures are scheduled against our partner Academy of AFC Bournemouth, as well as other elite centres from across the region, allowing players to showcase their talent at the highest level.

As part of our partnership we also attend festivals at the AFC Bournemouth training ground against other professional Academy clubs. Academy fixtures also take place during the final training sessions of each half-term block of training and we schedule Academy festivals during the School holiday periods.

You can apply for an Academy trial by visiting our trials page and one of the Academy Coaching team will be in touch to discuss your application further.

Sounds great, so how do I get into the Academy?

…Simple, you apply to take part in a trial.

Academy Bookings

Academy Progession

Over 40 of our Academy players have progressed onto AFC Bournemouth and Southampton FC over the past 4 seasons.

Our partnership with AFC Bournemouth offers many benefits to all our Academy players.

  • Sharing the same coaching syllabus with AFC Bournemouth
  • Coach Hugh and Coach Jesse perform a scouting role for AFC Bournemouth, liaising on a weekly basis with the AFC Bournemouth Academy player recruitment team regarding player progression at each of our centres.
  • The New Forest Football Academy advanced squads are invited to compete in regular fixtures against AFC Bournemouth Academy and Shadow squads throughout the season.
  • Our Academy take part in regular Football festivals at AFC Bournemouth’s Academy training ground to showcase their talents at the highest level and play in front of the Head of player recruitment regularly throughout the season.